Product Sizes

Product Sizes

ProChondrix® CR Diameter

9 mm 11 mm 13 mm 15 mm 17 mm 20 mm

Shelf Life 
2 years

Storage Information
Store at or below -40°C

Thawing Instructions

  1. Place vial in warm or room temperature sterile saline to thaw
    cryoprotectant (approximately 5 minutes for warm or 10 minutes for
    room temp).
  2. Remove the graft from the vial and rinse with sterile saline to
    remove remaining cryoprotectant.
  3. Keep graft in sterile saline until ready to implant.

Dedicated disposable instrumentation available

Custom disposable instruments designed to aide in the preparation of the implant site.
The patented coring tube technology provides a precise cut and creates uniform vertical walls.

ProChondrix ProChondrix ProChondrix ProChondrix

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