Dr Mehta

Dr. Vishal M. Mehta, Orthopedic Surgeon
Specializing in Sports Medicine

“It is true that in 70-80% of related cases, micro-fracture surgery reduces pain and improves function. However, we now have the ability to better see how these surgeries fare over time and their lasting impact on all surrounding areas. We discovered without the regeneration of new cartilage, many patients who had a successful micro-fracture surgery required a partial or full knee replacement in as few as five years’ time. ProChondrix works by enhancing the success of a micro-fracture surgery and allowing the affected area to more naturally heal and rebuild strength.”



Meg Medal

Meg Saeger – ProChondrix Recipient

“Hands down, this was the best decision for me. My deep knee pain is gone, I’m functional and I can keep up with my son again. It’s a world of difference.”

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Testimonial Ashley

Ashley Lumus – ProChondrix Recipient

“Being in the medical field, I was curious. I trusted Dr. Mehta and knew if he was confident in using the product, I was confident too.”

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