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ProChondrix Advantage

The ProChondrix® CR Advantage



Our goal is to provide the most therapeutic cartilage allograft available that meets clinical and practical needs for surgeons and their patients. ProChondrix® CR is designed to match biomechanical and biochemical properties of normal hyaline cartilage, restore a smooth articular cartilage surface and to relieve patient symptoms and improve function. Succinctly, ProChondrix® CR may improve patients’ quality of life by restoring mobility and relieving discomfort by providing a long-lasting outcome for the repair of articular cartilage. It is a cost-effective, single stage alternative that can be used arthroscopically or in a minimally invasive procedure.


Viable, Functional Chondrocytes

Chondral defects due to trauma or other conditions often fail to heal on their own and may be associated with chronic pain, decrease in mobility or disability. If a chondral defect goes untreated, degenerative joint disease may result due to an inexorable cascade of events both chemically and mechanically.

ProChondrix® CR, a laser-etched, cryopreserved fresh osteochondral allograft, helps deliver the necessary components for articular cartilage restoration. This next generation of cartilage restoration therapy provides the live functional cells and other biological components necessary for repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage tissues.1


Orientation & Cartilage Restoration

Orientation in cartilage, as defined as the organizational structure of collagen fibers and chondrocytes, is vital to the stability and robustness of the structure. In 2008, Korhonen, et al demonstrated the importance of the organizational make-up of cells and fibers in cartilage and that the maintenance of the structure plays an important role in its ability to control stresses and strains on the chondrocytes. Keeping the zones intact and orientated correctly is crucial to the long-term survival of the cells and the extracellular matrix as a whole. ProChondrix® CR encompasses a proprietary laser etching on the deep side of the graft indicating graft orientation. Superficial orientation is easily recognized by a smooth articulating cartilage surface. The deep layer of the ProChondrix® CR graft is identified by a laser etching.


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